New Zealand's Samantha Warriner has announced that she has joined Brett Sutton's TeamTBB and is 15 weeks pregnant.

New Zealand’s Samantha Warriner has announced that she has joined Brett Sutton’s TeamTBB and is 15 weeks pregnant.

Warriner made the announcements on her new TeamTBB blog. Here are a couple of excerpts from the blog post. Read the entire post at

On finding out she was pregnant:

Funny thing was – during my recent races (IM 70.3 Shepparton and Port Macquarie, Taupo Half Ironman)  I kept complaining to my husband how I would feel sick during the races.  I just thought it was the shock of shorter faster racing after the Ironman build up.

We recently went to see our family doctor and boy did I get a shock!  I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant.  We’ve had two scans now and everything is apparently on track for a healthy bonnie baby!  I’m so excited as I love kids and have always wanted to try but for one reason or another it’s never been the right time.  Well somebody upstairs has obviously decided that now is my time and we’re both over the moon about it!?

On joining TeamTBB and working with Brett Sutton:

Then by coincidence Brett Skyped Stephen. They’ve been in contact since paths crossed in 2008 in Cheju, Stephen has messaged ‘The Doc’ via the teamTBB website and picked his brains about stuff.

Brett basically told Stephen that he felt out of all the girls on the Ironman circuit I was one with a lot of talent that wasn’t performing to the levels he believed I was capable of and he wanted to get me back where I should be.

Stephen being his normal up front self, told Brett that I was now pregnant, wished to race after having baby but was struggling with the stigma attached to that decision.

Since that day Brett has been great, a real fountain of knowledge and I’m so grateful for his confidence in me. I honestly thought that he’d want me out training as if nothing was going on – but that’s been totally not the case. If ever someone was going to reign you in he’s the man. Everything is about having a healthy baby and me staying healthy – and I’m so thankful for that support.

Brett has me working on things that will make me a stronger athlete if I do decide to return to triathlon after baby is born.

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