Announcing This Month’s Swimsuit Contest Winner

The winner of the Miss for the month of August is Jordan M. of Greensboro, N.C. You chose Jordan with your votes! The win means that she is a finalist for the Title of Miss 2011. Jordan will also get $100 to spend on the TYR gear of her choice. The next five finishers will move on to September voting. Click here to view all of the August entrants. Click here to learn how to enter the October contest. The deadline for entry is Oct. 21. The gallery of September entrants will be posted shortly.

We chatted with Jordan to learn more about the personality behind the beauty: How long have you been competing in triathlons?

Jordan: I have been competing in triathlons for over 11 years.  Prior to triathlons, I swam at the University of Maryland. What is your proudest accomplishment in the sport?

Jordan: My proudest accomplishment in triathlon would not be the races that I have competed in. Last year I suffered a major injury to my left rotator cuff that required surgery. I am a physical therapist and work with patients, helping them come back from injuries all the time, but when the roles were reversed it was an eye-opening experience and very humbling. I was back in the water in four weeks and still able to compete in Ironman Louisville. I worked harder than I believe I ever have to come back stronger than before and this year I am now swimming faster in triathlons than I ever have. But even more importantly, having gone through this, I feel I am now better able to treat my patients as well as offer a sensitivity that I know I did not have prior to this experience. What does it mean to you to move on as a finalist in the contest?

Jordan: I am very honored and thrilled to move on as a finalist in this contest. The support I had in friends and family, as well as reconnecting with friends from college and childhood during the voting process was amazing. I found that people do still respect a hard work ethic and I hope that if I have motivated even a few to become more active and proactive in taking control of their health than this has been a success. Do you have a background in modeling?

Jordan: I do not have a background in modeling at all! But by doing this it has made me more confident and proud of being a strong, active woman. What do you think you’ll spend your $100 from TYR on?

Jordan: TYR is my favorite place to by all of my swimming gear, especially my favorite mirrored swedish goggles. I also wear a TYR speed suit. I cant wait to find more swim gear! What do you like to do for fun outside of the sport?

Jordan: I coach age-group swimming, as well as develop strength and conditioning programs for athletes of all ages. As a physical therapist, I approach training athletes not only to develop speed but also to prevent injuries and for sports longevity. When I am not training or working, I love to spend time with my beautiful black lab Bella, my sister, who is also my best friend and partner in crime, and my boyfriend who routinely kicks my butt running. I love to watch sports and get together with girlfriends for a glass of wine or two!

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