The active and hectic life of a triathlete demands a versatile ride. Here are six great autos that’ll get you to and from training and races in comfort and style.

The active and hectic life of a triathlete demands a versatile ride. Here are six great autos that’ll get you to and from training and races in comfort and style.
For the urban triathlete couple: Honda Fit

The lowdown: You wouldn’t believe how many of these grace Triathlete’s employee parking lot. The Fit is one of the most functional hatchbacks out there—the rear seats fold completely down and allow you to comfortably carry two bikes inside. Add to that smart creature comforts like an iPod stereo interface and 10 beverage holders for your cache of pre- and post-workout sports drinks.

Also: With its ample space and low-carbon diet (up to 33 miles per gallon), the Fit might be one of the best cars for road-tripping to a faraway race.

Starts at: $15,100

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For the drag racer with lots to haul: Dodge Durango

The lowdown:
After a two-year hiatus, Dodge brought back its Durango SUV in five trim levels. In addition to seating seven, new Durangos can offer lively acceleration, tuned suspension, sportier styling, exhaust tuning and a more enjoyable driving experience.

Also: Dodge completely overhauled the old truck-like Durango—a lot of its current architecture will actually be found on the next Mercedes M-class.

Starts at: $29,195

For the multi-multisportsman: Toyota Tacoma

The lowdown: Bike ride today, surf tomorrow, rock-climb the next day—or maybe kayak instead? If your garage has more gear than REI, nothing will suit you quite like a truck. The Toyota Tacoma is the best-selling compact pickup in America for its price point, array of engine and cabin configurations, and relative refinement compared to other trucks in its class.

Also: The Tundra is ranked the No. 1 compact truck by U.S. News & World Report in its annual list of best cars and trucks.

Starts at: $16,365

For those with family, gear and plenty of style: Audi Q7

The lowdown: With more technology than a stealth bomber, third-row seating for extra passengers and a muscular German design, the Q7 is a near-perfect combination of form and function.

Also: In addition to all of Audi’s usual envelope-pushing bells and whistles (air suspension, power everything, the legendary Quattro four-wheel drive), the Q7 is available with a miserly turbo-diesel engine that can get as many as 28 miles per gallon.

Starts at: $46,250

For the luxury-minded: Land Rover Range Rover

The lowdown:
CEOs, celebrities, rappers, pro athletes, you, us and everyone else: The Range Rover seems to be universally coveted and envied. With legendary ruggedness only matched by its refinement, this British beast commands respect and attention wherever it goes. And what else could possibly look better underneath your BMC Timemachine TT01?

Also: It’s a Range Rover—what more do you want to hear?

Starts at: $79,685

For the typical triathlon lifestyle: Subaru Outback

The lowdown:
Through a combination of savvy marketing and its longstanding reputation as a darn good car, the Outback is rightly beloved among triathletes and sports enthusiasts. It handles like a sedan yet can carry cargo and venture off-road like an SUV.

Also: Not only is the Outback rated a Top Safety Pick for 2011 by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, it’s also a Kelly Blue Book 2011 award winner for best resale value.

Starts at: $23,195