A look at some of American triathlete Laura Bennett's favorite things.

A look at some of American triathlete Laura Bennett’s favorite things.

Photo: Paul Phillips
Photo: Paul Phillips

Laura Bennett has long been one of the best American triathletes on the ITU circuit. She won the inaugural ITU Hy-Vee World Cup Triathlon—the world’s richest triathlon, with $200,000 to the winner—in 2007, and she barely missed a medal in Beijing by finishing fourth. Out with an injury for a while after the Olympics, she recently bounced back with an 8th place finish at the Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Grand Final in Budapest, Hungary, in September. That finish makes her the top-ranked American in 2010 and 10th in the world.

Training & Racing

Training spot: Victoria, B.C.
Place to swim in open water: Noosa, Australia
Race: The Olympic Games
Form of active recovery: Easy swim
Piece of gear: Oakley sunglasses
Do you prefer a hilly or flat course? Hilly!
Drafting or non-drafting? Drafting, as long as it is a hilly, challenging course.
Proudest moment in triathlon: Winning the Des Moines World Cup in 2007

Pre-race meal: Chicken and veggie pasta
Fuel during a race: Carbo Pro
Post-workout recovery fuel: Athletes Honey Milk
Coffee: Amante Selection A
Junk food: Chocolate chip cookies
Cocktail: Piña colada

City to race in: Sydney, Australia
Snack when you’re traveling: Honey Stinger Bars
Way to avoid bike fees: Hope I am lucky and have a nice check-in attendant who doesn’t care about adding to the revenue of the airlines.
Way to pass the time in a plane: Sudoku and movies

Book: “The Da Vinci Code”
Charity: Family
Movie: “Wedding Crashers”
Type of music: Black Eyed Peas genre
If you weren’t a professional triathlete, you’d be… A Hollywood superstar

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