In this first-of-its-kind feature, the Triathlete Magazine editors have carefully selected 100 events that stand out from all the rest.

A good triathlon has to cover all the basics: proper aid stations, a clearly marked course, scenic surroundings, friendly volunteers and all those other little details that make the entry fee feel justified. A great triathlon needs to cover more than just the basics. The scenery has to be so good that you forget about your speedometer for the entire bike leg. The volunteers have to be so friendly that you’re inspired to finally volunteer at a race. In order for a race to be one of the greatest on Earth, participating in it should be a life-changing experience and one that you know you’ll never forget.

Looking for a hard race? Check out the Savageman triathlon in Maryland. Photo: Dan Hicok
Looking for a hard race? Check out the Savageman triathlon in Maryland. Photo: Dan Hicok

We first chose 13 categories of races that represent the full gamut of triathlon—from off-road to women only to where you can find the best post-race parties. In each category we’ve selected an overall winner, explained what makes the winner worthy, and also listed a number of “best of the rest” in each category. Whether you’re looking to test the limits of your fitness on the hardest climbs in Europe or you’re just looking to unwind with an easy swim, bike and run on a tropical island, you’ll find your new favorite race here.

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Compiled by Triathlete editors.