8 Surefire Strategies to Train and Race Strong Through Menopause

The midlife transition of menopause can bring muscle loss, lousy sleep, mood swings, and more. With the right strategy it doesn’t have to slow you down as an athlete.


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These Companies Get It! 5 Triathlon-Friendly Workplaces in the U.S.

You know how good it feels to hit the ground running—literally—before work. After a swim, bike, or run, you arrive at your desk full of energy, endorphins, and a clear head. You’re ready to rock and roll and take on the day’s tasks, both mentally and physically. But does your boss know that too?

If he or she wants a loyal, dedicated, and productive workforce, the answer is they should. Research from Brigham Young University shows that employees who exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet miss fewer days of work—27% fewer, in fact. The same study also found that employees with good health habits are 25% more likely to have increased performance and be 3.1 times more productive than their less-healthy peers.

Fortunately, employers are beginning to catch on. Perks like gym memberships, standing desks, corporate running or triathlon teams, and flexible schedules all serve to encourage healthy habits and workouts.

For triathletes, who put in more hours of training than most, this support can make all the difference. We’ve found five companies, from a cross-section of industries, who are getting it right and encouraging their employees to live the tri life. What these places reveal is that the best employers understand providing some leeway and perks earns them greater dedication and loyalty. They also know healthy employees are good employees—and triathletes make the best employees!

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