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Is An Ironman In Your Future? (It Will Consume Your Life)

With widespread COVID-19 vaccination on the horizon, hope springs eternal for a mostly normal 2021 triathlon season in the hearts of every triathlete who suffered through the frustration of this past year (in other words, almost every triathlete!).

All of that pent-up tri energy may be pushing you to think about registering for an Iron-distance race. Having completed two Ironman races myself, I know well the mysterious stirrings that the idea of becoming an Ironman can provoke in you. The inspiration, pride, and excitement are an intoxicating elixir that so many triathletes want to drink. Watching the YouTube videos of past Ironman races is like Odysseus being tied to his ship’s mast so he can experience the irresistible, yet ultimately destructive, allure of the Siren’s song.

To help you decide whether an Iron-distance race is in your future, I will devote this article to exploring the benefits and costs of training for and trying to complete those mythical 140.6 miles of swim, bike, and run. Today’s article will focus on how Ironman will consume your life.

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Doing an Ironman is not a part-time endeavor. The race will be, for the six to nine months that you train for it, the guiding force in your life. You will spend many hours each week training. You will spend even more hours each week thinking, dreaming, talking, reading, and surfing the internet about Ironman. Ironman will become your life!

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