Triathlon Training

Proper Recovery from Ironman St. George

Ironman St. George has a notorious reputation of being the most challenging—it’s WTC’s only Ironman distance in America that doesn’t sell out. Athletes tell stories […]

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St. George Training Locations

Heading to St. George this week for the Ironman? If you want to keep up on any last minute workouts or bike fine-tuning, here are a few locales to help you out:

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Ask Aaron: Prepping for Wildflower

It’s one of the oldest clichés in the sport, but it really is true: you can’t improve your fitness the week before the race, but you can ruin it.

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Tri Team Spotlight: USC Tri Club

This team is what you make it. There are workouts every single day, with two workouts offered Monday-Thursday and off-campus workouts on the weekends.

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