Pronation: Not To Blame For Injuries?

New research contradicts the belief that moderate foot pronation may be linked to running injuries.

By Mackenzie Lobby Havey • Published

One-Hour Workout: Treadmill Hill Climbs

The treadmill can be a valuable training tool when the harsh realities of winter threaten to compromise the quality of your key workouts.

By Mario Fraioli • Published

9 Ways To Fartlek

Fartlek, which means “speed play” in Swedish, involves varying the intensity to teach your body to recover quickly.

By Jené Shaw • Published

adidas Unveils New Ultra Boost Running Shoe

The shoe features improved midsole technology and an enhanced upper fit that promotes the foot’s natural movement.

By Mario Fraioli | • Published

Early-Season Hill Work Equals Race Day Speed

While hill training is valuable all year, it is particularly useful early in your preparation to gain strength and muscular endurance.

By Lance Watson • Published

Is The Maximalist Running Shoe Trend For You?

Maximum cushioned, or “fat” shoes, are gaining momentum in all categories of running and could be the next craze in triathlon too.

By Scott Boulbol • Published