Weight Loss

Get down to your racing weight with these tips from Triathlete’s team of nutritionists.

Is Dietary Variety Overrated?

A little monotony in your eating habits might not be such a bad thing.

By Matt Fitzgerald • Published

How To Tap Into Fat For Fuel

Torbjorn Sindballe dishes on how he turned his body into a fat burning machine.

By Torbjørn Sindballe • Published

Race Shape Ready?

Many diets will help you shed pounds. The crucial ingredients in all of them? Motivation and readiness.

By Matt Fitzgerald • Published

How The Pros Stay Lean

Take cues from the world’s best triathletes in achieving your own optimal racing weight.

By Matt Fitzgerald • Published

Racing Weight: Back To Basics

Although effective weight management may never be easy, it can at least be simple.

By Matt Fitzgerald • Published