Weight Loss

Get down to your racing weight with these tips from Triathlete’s team of nutritionists.

Seven Smart (And Easy!) Nutrition Hacks

These strategies will get your nutrition back on track for a better, stronger and healthier you—no calorie counting required.

By Susan Grant Legacki • Published

Fueling Your Winter Workouts

Minimize the weight you gain now, and you’ll have less work to do getting to optimal race weight in 2015!

By Nick White and Chris Carmichael • Published

5 Tips For Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

The simple fact that you are intending to not gain weight during this holiday season already puts you ahead of the game!

By Lauren Antonucci, R.D. • Published

How To Limit The Off-Season Weight Gain

How do I avoid gaining a ton of weight in the off-season as in years past? I’d like to stay within 5 pounds of my racing weight.

By Lauren Antonucci • Published