Triathlete’s Most Popular Training Articles of 2017

1. The 10-Hour Week Ironman Training Plan

A lot of people are deterred from doing Ironman because they don’t think they have the time to train. Although a 15- to 20-hour training schedule is ideal to maximize your Ironman potential, you can accomplish a lot of the basic Ironman fitness in a 10-hour week if you utilize your time wisely. This plan from coach Lance Watson will allow you to start the race with confidence and finish the race strong. Read the complete article here

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2. 8-Week Sprint Triathlon Training Plan For Beginners

If you’re brand new to triathlon, trying to figure out training for swimming, cycling and running in an organized progression can be a little daunting. Sprint triathlons—which vary but are typically around a 750-yard swim, 12-mile bike and 3-mile run—are a great entry point to the sport and achievable for anyone committed to following this eight-week plan for building endurance. This program from coach Lance Watson will help remove some of the training mystery for the triathlon rookie! Read the complete article here

3. No-Fade 70.3 Run Triathlon Training Plan

This six-week program from coach Scott DeFilippis is for athletes who are looking for a breakthrough on the run in the 70.3 distance. It is for individuals who have a strong base established, and who perhaps are in need of a mid-season six-week block after their first or second races of the year have failed to meet their expectations. Read the complete article here

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4. The 3 Essential Rules of Ironman

Eat often. Pace yourself. Don’t be a dumbass. In her new book, Life’s Too Short To Go So F*cking Slow, Susan Lacke tells the story of her mentor, Carlos Nunez, a 13-time Ironman and old-school hardass. To him, getting to the finish line only required those three simple rules. Read the complete article here

5. A Training Plan for Breaking 6 Hours at the Half-Ironman Distance

Flirting with the six-hour half-Ironman mark? Here’s your plan for hitting your target and finishing healthy and strong. Read the complete article here

6. 6 Ways to Become a Faster Runner (Without Running)

Endurance athletes are a hardworking lot, so the promise of “free speed” often strikes us as empty, and maybe even a touch offensive. However, once you get us talking about improvements we have made in training, gear or diets, we are usually eager to share the discoveries that have helped improve our performances. That’s the goal with this article—to share some well-documented techniques that could help you get faster on the run specifically, beyond the obvious (and undeniably effective) advice to run more miles and train harder Read the complete article here

7. Race (Don’t Survive) the Run

We’ve all been there—shuffling through the last leg of a triathlon, just hoping to survive the run. It’s a common problem. Use these tips to turn your run from a weakness into a strength. Read the complete article here

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8. When Low Testosterone and Training Clash

When low testosterone and training clash, the effects can be devastating. Read the complete article here

9. How to Train for Cold-Water Races So You Barely Feel a Thing (Except Victory)

The race is on… but the water is freezing. A complete guide to coping, and maybe even thriving, in a cold-water triathlon. Read the complete article here

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10. How to Smash Indoor Training Sessions Like a pro Cyclist

Indoor cycling can mean no-nonsense, efficient training at its finest. Here, we’re sharing six pro tips to nailing—and loving—indoor sweat sessions.

Looking for some solid swim, bike, and run advice as you embark on your 2018 triathlon season? Our readers have spoken (with their clicks), and now we’re sharing the top 10 most popular training articles from in 2017.