20 Workouts to Add to your 2018 Triathlon Training Plan

Need some workout inspiration as you head into the new year? Here are some of the most popular swim, bike, run, and strength workouts that have been featured on Triathlete.com in recent years. Happy training!

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4 Bucket List Swim Workouts

Some swim sets challenge you as much mentally as they do physically. Finish one of these workouts from coach Sara McLarty and you’ll have a new sense of confidence in the water. Get the workouts here

One-Hour Workout: Functional Strength Work

This functional strength workout comes from Kyle Herrig, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and owner of Triplex Training in Chandler, Ariz. His one-hour workout, focused on working the whole body in all planes of motion, can be done anywhere without equipment, or you can add weight (even a water bottle or jug) if you want to increase the difficulty. Get the workout here

One-Hour Workout: Killer Bike Intervals for Power and Endurance

The goal of this workout from coach Michael Gallagher is to increase muscular endurance by coupling long, high-intensity intervals with short rest periods. The idea is to help athletes build a tolerance to higher intensities as their season progresses. By incorporating these types of workouts into a training schedule bookended by rest, athletes will increase both power and endurance. Get the workout here

One-Hour Workout: Long-Speedy Track Session

Coach Marni Sumbal says she designed this “long” speed track workout for triathletes who often feel invincible straight out of T2 but tend to fatigue as the race continues. “Teaching your body how to pace itself by perceived effort—instead of letting your GPS-device control your effort—is very similar to how you should be ‘racing’ the first few miles of your triathlon, specifically in endurance events,” she says. With several rounds of mixed intensities, you’ll hit both your aerobic and anaerobic systems to learn how to save yourself for the later part of the workout (and, consequently, the race). Plus, she notes, you’ll teach your body how to settle into a comfortable cadence to maintain good form as the effort increases. Get the workout here

5 Top Age Groupers Share Their Favorite Workouts

The killer swim, bike and run workouts that get these five top age-groupers envy-inducing results. Get the workouts here

One-Hour Workout: Mobility and Core Strength Gym Session

The goal of this gym session from coach Marilyn Chychota is basic mobility, core, and preparation strength for upcoming training phases. “For the athlete to be ready for the next block, the two most important stages of development are mobility and core strength. Paying special attention to range of motion, technique and form development through this phase is key.” Get the workout here

The #1 Workout To Get You Ready For Ironman

Gordo Byrn, the founder of Endurance Corner and author of Going Long, uses what he calls Big Day Training (BDT) as a checkpoint for his athletes training for 140.6. Not only does this workout help to train your mind, you’re also teaching the body pacing and how to digest nutrition over a long period of exercise.

“This is the only way to get a taste of how it’s going to feel,” Byrn says. You might do BDT 2–3 times before race preparation. “I like 3/7/11 weeks out from the goal race for an athlete that’s new to the technique. Experienced athletes can do it more often but need to be careful that they don’t end up racing-the-race before Game Day!” Get the workout here

One-Hour Workout: Do-Anywhere Strength Circuit

This strength workout comes from coach Maria Simone of No Limits Endurance Coaching. “This workout is great for triathletes who don’t belong to a gym or who might be traveling and not have access to their regular gym equipment,” Simone says. Get the workout here

3 Swim Workouts For Beginner Triathletes

New to swimming and don’t know where to start? Don’t stress! Print off these workouts from coach Sara McLarty or copy them onto a piece of paper that you can bring to the pool and affix to a kickboard (that you leave on the pool deck) for reference. Get the workouts here

Triple The Brick Triathlon Bike-Run Workout

The back-and-forth nature of this triple brick from coach Andrew Dollar makes for a great opportunity to nail your transitions. “The goal of the workout is to have descending times on your run,” Dollar says. “The first one should be aggressive but sustainable.” Get the workout here

One-Hour Workout: Trainer Speed Pyramid

Coach Marni Sumbal says the goal of this workout is to raise your lactic threshold in order to produce more power—without expending extra energy—so that ultimately you can run strong with good form off the bike. “No matter what distance triathlon you train for, the best training stress for the body is to get faster before you go longer,” Sumbal says. “The bike trainer provides the means for athletes who want to generate a heavy force load to the body, in a short amount of time, all while reaping quick performance gains with consistent training.” Get the workout here