Mind Blown: Tacx’s New Smart Trainer is Also a Treadmill

The Magnum Smart combines a running treadmill with a cycling trainer and turns the indoor training world upside down.

Today Tacx announced that their new combination run/bike indoor trainer, the Magnum Smart, would begin shipping in the Netherlands and Belgium at the start of the new year. In a press release, the Dutch brand says that the new treadmill accommodates both cyclists and runners through the use of a unique design: A foam core sandwiched between two aluminum plates creates a feel as “stiff as concrete” when riding, while the deck is more forgiving with the specific pressure of a runner’s footstrike. The treadmill driver is also unique to the Magnum Smart as it adjusts the belt’s speed based on the speed of the rider—not the other way around—to keep the cyclist from sliding forward or backward on the belt.

The Magnum Smart also boasts an elevation feature allowing both cyclists and runners to adjust the incline up to 15 percent. While this is nothing new for running treadmills, it’s an incredible boon for cyclists trying to train climbing-specific muscles (see also: Wahoo’s Kickr Climb). A belt-driven cycling trainer also means no more worn-out tires.

For triathletes, a trainer/treadmill is a no-brainer, as it allows users to transition from bike to run quickly while taking up less home gym real estate. Unsurprisingly, the Magnum Smart outputs power and speed for cycling, while displaying speed and distance for running (no word yet on power for running). Tacx also lists a maximum speed of 30km/h (~18mph), which is amazing for even the most serious runners (that’s 3:20 min./mile!). 

Tacx says the treadmill can be controlled via a remote and the included 32” screen or with a more old-school built-in manual controller. It also connects with most virtual-training platforms (Zwift, Trainerroad, Bkool, Sufferfest, and many more) to control the incline/speed/power via ANT+ FE-C protocol.

While they’ve previously had great success with their cycling trainers and rollers, this is Tacx’s first dive into the treadmill world. Boasting a $9,300 price tag and a yet-to-be-announced U.S. release date, if the Magnum Smart lives up to the hype, Tacx may be ushering in a new realm of indoor training.