Your Smartest Moves During The Off-Season

Dear coach: What is the smartest thing I can do in the off-season to improve for next year?

The off-season is time for you to take a break from structured training and to refine your technique.

Now is when you should spend some time resting and cross-training in some sport other than triathlon. This is referred to as a transition period. Allow all those little injuries or niggles to heal. Maybe you want to try out some snow sports such as cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. Perhaps it is time to hit the trails on a mountain bike or try cyclo-cross. Ever want to try inline or ice skating? All of these will help to maintain your hard-earned fitness but will give you a mental and physical break. These activities also use different muscle groups that will benefit you next season.

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You should also look at your race results and see where you stumbled this past season. Does your swim have you playing catch-up on the bike? Is your cycling always leaving you with dead legs on the run? Do you loathe running up hills or going long? Find a certified coach to do a video analysis of your swim or run technique and prescribe some drills to make you more efficient. Get a good bike fit or enroll in a technique clinic to learn skills that will carry into the new season.

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