The NYC Tri Killed Its Lottery System—Now You Can Just Sign Up!

After eight years of random drawings to select participants, Life Time is opening up the iconic race to triathletes ready to pay the entry fee.

Say goodbye to the rollercoaster of entry emotions!

Since 2010, if you wanted to race the New York City Triathlon, you had to enter into a drawing, then pray. The drawing was completely random—no preference was given to athletes who previously raced or entered the lottery already. (The lottery was free to enter; athletes were only charged if they got in.) The lottery system started due to high demand, similar to the NYC Marathon.

Starting Nov. 1 (yesterday), you can kiss your entry anxiety goodbye and simply sign up to race the July 1, 2018 event at at or

“Our main reasons for moving away from the historic lottery format and instead adopt a first come, first served format is to improve convenience and make this race more easily accessible to all athletes—individuals and groups alike,” said Scott “Hootie” Hutmacher, Brand Manager for Life Time Tri.

Registration is limited to the first 4,000 registrants, and is priced based on soon you sign up:

Standard Entries Individual Entry Fees Relay Team Fees

(2-3 ppl.)

1st  1,000 entries $338 $420
2nd 1,000 entries $365 $444
3rd  1,000 entries $390 $471
Final 1,000 entries $415 $498

All of these prices include race insurance and the reg fee.

Note: You still have to qualify to race for prizes and placement the Life Time Tri Championship in NYC. It’s essentially a “race within a race.” Those who qualify (the fastest athletes across the Life Time Tri Series) will compete in NYC for Championship placing.