One-Hour Workout: Bike Max Outs

This brutal bike workout may seem simple, but the hurt is complicated.

This week’s workout comes from Adam Sczech, a Colorado-based coach working with Team MPI. Sczech is a certified bike fitter, triathlete, former professional cyclist, and a USAT Level I-certified USAT coach.

“This is my personal favorite/least favorite bike workout,” Sczech says. “It is a great way to accomplish a lot in just 60 short minutes.”

Sczech says the key is not to take it easy on the first few repeats. Go hard from the start. “You may find you are unable to complete the last few intervals, and that’s fine,” he says. “This workout is made to push your limits.”

One of the best aspects of this workout is that it doesn’t necessarily need to be done on a trainer: Use a short, traffic-free loop, an uphill, anywhere with 30 seconds of room to ride hard. Time this workout to allow rest both the day before and the day after in order to properly feel the benefits. Do not do in the week leading up to an event.

10 minutes easy (sprinkle in a few surges to get the blood pumping and the heart rate ready)

Main Set
Repeat 14x (total of 35 minutes):
30 sec all out MAX (RPE 10)
2 min active rest—keep the legs moving in your easiest gear

15 minutes nice and easy

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