9 products to Keep You Visible in the Dark

LitFit Smartphone Armband Case

$29.99, Scosche.com

If you run with a smartphone, the LitFit armband is a must-have. The lightweight, adjustable neoprene armband fits arms of all sizes, and the built-in screen protection allows for full operation of touchscreen controls on your phone. Built-in LED and reflective accents keep you visible in pre-dawn or late-night hours.

NoxGear Tracer 360

$69.95, Noxgear.com

Be seen from all angles with a high-tech running vest constructed of fiber optic cables. This versatile, waterproof design fits over your workout wear for a bright, 40-lumen light display in multicolor flashing or steady modes for up to 40 hours.

FuelBelt Ultralight & FireLight

$29.99 (belt) and $9.99 (light), Fuelbelt.com

Your hydration belt pulls double duty as safety wear with the UltraLight Belt, a reflective waist belt that carries up to 20 ounces of fluid in BPA-free bottles. For added visibility, add the FireLight, a lightweight, water-resistant clip that projects a high-viz red light in full glow or rapid blink settings for up to 68 hours.

Safety Skin Reflective Spread

$18.95, 1.5 oz, Safetyskinproducts.com

This slick stick is the first reflective product designed to be applied directly on the skin for visibility. Designed for those who loathe billowy reflective clothing on the bike or run, Safety Skin is as aero as it gets. Made of seven natural ingredients, the swipe-on glow is sweat resistant, yet easily removed with soap and water in the shower.

ProViz Reflect360 Plus Cycling Jacket

$175, Provizsports.com

For many, “visible” is synonymous with “stuffy.” Most reflective materials simply aren’t breathable, meaning safety can be stifling during intense workouts. ProViz Sports addresses this with its Reflect360 cycling jacket treated with a lightweight, breathable film that allows for all-over reflectivity. Well-placed vents in the shoulders, backs, and underarms allow for additional, customizable breathability when things get particularly sweaty.

Brilliant Reflective Iron-On Strips

$14.95, pack of 12, Brilliantreflective.com

Turn any garment into a reflective one with these iron-on strips. The innovative design uses millions of tiny glass beads on a bed of aluminum, which allows light to bounce off from any angle for visibility as far as 300 meters away. With red, purple, blue or black options, it’s quick and easy to upgrade your running and cycling wardrobe for visibility.

SpokeLit LED Wheel Light

$8.99, Niteize.com

Boost visibility (and style) with this clip-and-go spoke light, which provides colorful, super-bright LED on the wheels of your ride. Whether you choose red or multicolor, this handy little device creates a larger display than its tiny size might indicate.

Albedo 100 Reflective Spray

$18.99, 4.6 oz, Albedo100us.com

Want a high-viz helmet, but hate neon? Save your sweet paint job with Albedo100 Permanent Reflective Spray. The light-reflective spray, which take on a light metallic gray color, adds a layer of visibility to any surface, from handlebars and wheels to helmets and shoes, allowing you to be seen up to 500 feet away in low-light conditions.

Nathan LightSpur Rx LED Foot Light

$29.99, Nathansports.com

The more a light moves, the greater chance it will be seen by a driver. Take advantage of that by highlighting the most mobile part of your body – your feet – with the LightSpur, a super-bright, lightweight LED that securely clips onto the heel of your bike or run shoe. The USB rechargeable battery provides steady illumination for six hours, or a strobe effect for 12.

Title Nine Illuminati Reflective Run Jacket

$109, Titlenine.com

By day, it’s an ordinary black jacket – but at night, the Illuminati jacket transforms into the superhero of your running wardrobe with fibers that shine only when they’re hit by light, revealing a funky print. Lightweight, windproof, and well-ventilated, this jacket will become a staple of your early-morning workouts this winter.

Shorter days mean darker workouts. If your workouts take place during low-light hours, safety becomes more important than ever before. Adding some hard-to-miss elements to your clothing or gear can raise your visibility on dark streets. From reflective fibers to DIY solutions, it’s never been easier to add some flash to your rides and runs.