One-Hour Workout: “Onesies” Run Speedwork

This week’s workout comes from Tanya Deeks, the owner and head coach of Ontario, Canada-based Unleash The Beast Multisport and can be done on the track but is a great option for tackling spadework on the roads. Deeks is a NCCP triathlon, cycling, nordic ski and swim coach—as well as a certified personal trainer. She has competed in seven Ironman events and over a dozen half-Ironmans. In 2015 Deeks was fourth in her age group at ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships.

“This is a great workout for shaking things up and getting your body into gear for longer and more intense speed workouts,” Deeks says. “It’s also a great workout to teach your body and mind that you can recover while running.

“The ‘fast’ minute should be run at a pace that is tough but can be maintained for the whole interval, knowing you still have to run easy at the end. The focus during the easy minute should be on technique and deep breathing to aid in recovery. Beginners should start a bit conservatively and build the pace throughout the minute. Start by doing two rounds of the main set, building to six rounds over three to four weeks.”

10-minute easy run with drills

Main Set
4 x 6 minutes as:
(1 minute fast (8/10, Z4)
1 minute easy
1 minute fast
1 minute easy
1 minute fast
1 minute easy)

2 minutes easy jog/powerwalk

10-minute easy run

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