Put These 15 New Tri Products on Your Wish List

Endurance brands showcase their latest releases at the Outdoor Retailer trade show.

More than 1600 equipment and apparel manufacturers displayed their new products for 2017 and 2018 at this week’s Outdoor Retailer, the world’s largest outdoor sports show. The newest offerings for triathletes are designed with safety, convenience, and comfort in mind.

Wave Wear QuickFit Compression Taping Calf Sleeve

Kinesiology taping can be sticky and complicated. Wave Wear aims to take the guesswork out of taping with these unique compression sleeves for calves, arms, or knees. The grippy silicone pattern on the interior mimics the fascia-lifting effects of tape. Bonus: It doesn’t hurt one bit to peel these off.

Wave Wear hopes to hit store shelves in early 2018, with a retail price yet to be set.

Bizzy Coffee Shot

Take your espresso to go with the Bizzy Coffee Shot, a tiny bottle that packs all of the buzz of two espressos in your jersey pocket. Their black, vanilla, and caramel flavors all pair perfectly with a stroopwafel.

Bizzy Coffee Shots retails for $2.49 per bottle online as well as on shelves at co-ops and natural food grocers nationwide.

Thule EasyFold Hitch Rack

Setting up your hitch rack can sometimes be a workout in itself. Thule simplifies the process with its streamlined EasyFold, a fully foldable, compact rack that takes less than a minute to mount on a trailer hitch.

The EasyFold, which retails for $699.95, is available in stores or online now.

Firefly Clothing Illumination Technology

Though wearable safety lights are nothing new, the ability to weave those lights into a garment is novel. Firefly has developed a seamless, washable, and flexible methodology for incorporating illumination into any garment, be it a bike jersey or sports bra. The rechargeable lights are visible from 50 meters away, making this the next step in staying safe on the road.

Firefly is currently partnering with several athletic apparel brands, with the first garments set to hit the market in late 2017.

HydraPak Stow Flexible Bottle

The company that constructs the bladders for 95 percent of hydration backpacks and belts worldwide is launching its own product line of collapsible bottles. This go-anywhere bottle is lightweight, spillproof, and rolls down to the size of an iPhone when empty, making it easy to stash in a pocket for long rides and runs.

HydraPak will release its Stow line in spring 2018 for $14 per 500 mL bottle and $17 per 750 mL bottle.

BodyPlus Aero Integrated Heart Rate Monitor

Eliminate your heart rate monitor chest strap – and, more importantly, the chafing that comes with it. The BodyPlus t-shirt and sports bra offers is the latest in the line of “smart clothing,” with real-time feedback on heart rate, V02 max, recovery, overall workout intensity, and energy expenditure. The software keeps records from each workout, tracking patterns and making suggestions when the data suggests overtraining may be taking place.

BodyPlus Aero hopes to be in stores in mid-2018, with a retail price yet to be set.

Superfeet ME3D Customized Insoles

Custom insoles used to involve a trip to a specialist, who took an imprint of the foot and sent it to an insole manufacturer, who took 6-8 weeks to create and deliver the final product. Now, it takes a trip to the running specialty store and only 10 days. Superfeet’s new, compact ME3D gait analysis system scans the feet in-store, then sends the data to a 3D printer, which crafts an individualized insole that arrives at your home in less than two weeks.

Superfeet’s ME3D pilot program is currently operating at 11 specialty running stores nationwide, with plans to expand in early 2018. The custom orthotics will retail for $150.

Quad Lock Smartphone Bike Mount

Most smartphone bike mounts are clunky and clumsy; Quad Lock is not. Rather than constantly removing the phone from the mounting hardware, the Quad Lock uses a lightweight and low-profile phone case that snaps in and out the mount with one-hand operation. In addition to a handlebar mount, Quad Lock offers twist, lock, and go options for a running armband, belt clip, car windshield, motorcycle, tripod, and adhesive mount.

Quad Lock systems range from $19.95 to $69.95, and are available now in stores and online.

GoMotion Gear Wearable Lights

Night running gets better with GoMotion’s 150-lumen belts and vests, which takes the traditional headlamp and places it lower for better shadow definition and depth perception. Your running buddies, who are sick of being blinded every time you look in their direction, will thank you.

The Corebeam Lightbelt and Extend Lightvest, both made with reflective fabric, are available at Gomotiongear.com for $69.95 each.

Injinj Ultra Run Socks

We know it’s geeky to say we’re excited about a pair of socks, but…well, we’re really excited about a pair of socks. The original performance toesocks, known for preventing blisters by eliminating skin-on-skin friction, stepped up its game with their new Ultra Run design, which features CoolMax fabric, a cushioned heel, built-in arch support, and breathable mesh for extra ventilation.

Injinj Ultra Run will be available in stores and online February 2018; The low-heel “no show” version will retail for $16; the taller “crew” version, $18.

Coolcore Running Apparel

This line of athletic apparel feels like cotton, wicks like technical fabric, and provides UPF protection for the skin. But the really impressive feature of Coolcore is how rapidly it regulates temperature: after being dunked in a pot of boiling water, the specially-woven (and chemical-free) fabric went from 134 degrees Fahrenheit to 71 in just 10 seconds. Hot and humid races suddenly got a lot more manageable.

The Coolcore fabric is currently utilized in several athletic brands, including Brooks Running. Coolcore also has its own line of running apparel at Coolcore.com.

OOFOS OOMG Recovery Footwear

OOFOS recovery sandals and slides have long been known for being comfortable, but not stylish – until now. Their new OOMG shoes feature the same shock-absorbing and joint-protecting features for weary post-run feet, but with a style you won’t mind wearing out in public.

The OOMG style is currently available for women, retailing for $119.95. A men’s version will be released in Spring 2018 for the same price.

Rumble Roller Gator and X-Firm

If your basic foam roller just isn’t cutting it, Rumble Roller brings out the big guns with its new X-Firm, which is exactly as its name implies: extra firm. Unlike the original Rumble Roller, which features softer nubs made out of foam, the rigid bumps of the X-Firm allows for a deeper release of knots and tight muscles.

Don’t worry, there’s something on the other end of the spectrum, too: the Gator, or a Rumble Roller with a gently rippling surface for a less intense foam rolling session than the Original or X-Firm version.

Both versions are available in stores and online. The X-Firm retails for $54.95; The Gator, $44.95.

Maloja Bike Jersey

We’re smitten with the cycling apparel from this Bavarian designer, which blends high performance with cool Euro style. In addition to kits for mountain and road cyclists, Maloja offers stylish athletic wear for other mountain pursuits, including trail running, hiking, and climbing.

Maloja products are currently available online at Malojaclothing.com or in specialty cycling stores.

Adidas Parley Running Shoes

Those who like their speed to be green will appreciate this historic new partnership between running shoe manufacturer Adidas and environmental group Parley for The Oceans. Beginning this summer, several popular Adidas styles, including the Boost line, will be offered “Parley Style,” with the laces, lining, webbing, and insole covers crafted from recycled plastic ocean waste. Each pair of shoes re-uses roughly 11 plastic bottles in a way that is equally kind to both your mile splits and Mother Nature.

The Adidas Parley Boost is available in stores and online, beginning at $200 per pair. Other Adidas styles are expected to hit the market in Fall 2017.