Reviewed: 10 Wetsuits for Triathletes

Swim fast, stay warm and crush your next race

Aqua Sphere Phantom

Best for: Choppy conditions, colder races, short strokers

This pretty suit fits like it was custom made, thanks to eight size options covering athletes from 4-foot-5 and 103 pounds to 6-foot-6, 242 and beyond. A reverse zipper makes for a quick getaway in T1, but you’ll want a buddy to help you get locked in—zipping down isn’t easy to do alone. An adequate amount of buoyancy keeps hips up without restricting kick, and the Phantom’s Core Power System—a strap you can pull tight at the core—helps enhance your sense of alignment while encouraging a short, punchy stroke best used in choppier conditions. Plenty warm, it’s a good choice for cold race days, but some athletes might find the liner chafes easily, so load up on the lube.