Reviewed: 10 Wetsuits for Triathletes

TYR Hurricane Cat 5

Best for: Great swimmers, poor kickers

Think of the Cat 5 as a second skin that gently, almost imperceptibly makes you a more efficient swimmer. It boasts some of the most comfortable shoulders on the market that won’t hinder your stroke—a feature seasoned swimmers will appreciate—while subtle buoyancy panels in the chest, core, butt and thighs help fine-tune neutral body position and aid rotation. Those thigh panels give a good boost, so if you’re a stinky kicker, they’ll help compensate for dragging legs. The buttery soft lining is so comfy you could sleep in it—and it’s antimicrobial to help fight off stink. The monster catch panels look funky but didn’t seem to affect feel for the water much. The trade-off for that second-skin, supple feel: Wrists and ankles need an extra tug to get off, and the Cat 5 could be a bit chilly in very cold swims.