Reviewed: 10 Wetsuits for Triathletes

Zoot Wikiwiki

Best for: Natural arm feel, people who take great care of their gear

For this much dough, you should expect top-notch performance, and the Wikiwiki delivers. Half-millimeter-thick neoprene makes the arms feel almost invisible—like you’re swimming with shaved arms, an experience our tester called “simply amazing.” That said, super-thin neo means you need to be super careful not to tear it. Body Glide the hell out of your wrists and forearms so you don’t bust your investment in transition. Six separate 2mm panels in the chest and abdomen, and 5mm panels in the thighs mold the body into perfect alignment for reduced drag. A Velcro attachment at the lower back is a nice touch for easy zipper access. Great for any distance, we’d pump the brakes on very cold swims because of the thin arms.