Reviewed: 10 Wetsuits for Triathletes

De Soto T1 Speedtube and T1 Speedvest

$260 and $220, respectively;
Best for: A custom fit, a natural feel

Swimmers who have trouble fitting traditional one-piece suits will find welcome relief in these De Soto pieces. You can get a near-custom fit by picking the perfect top and bottom sizes, and the feel is like swimming suitless, since your hips won’t affect how the top sits on your shoulders. So if you’re looking for comfort and warmth, the T1 is your new favorite neo. If you’re looking for a mega boost in body position or rotation, this option isn’t your best bet. As long as you don’t accidentally knot the Speedtube’s drawstring, it’ll fly off in T1—just remember to take off your goggles before you whip the Speedvest overhead.