One-Hour Workout: Killer Bike Intervals for Power and Endurance

Every Tuesday we’ll feature a different coach’s workout you can complete in 60 min (or less!)

This week’s workout comes from Michael Gallagher, head coach of Rogue Tri Performance in southern Oregon. Gallagher is an Ironman competitor and is USAT, USMS (Level 2), ASCA (Level 2) and ACE (personal trainer and sports conditioning) certified.

The goal of this workout is to increase muscular endurance by coupling long, high-intensity intervals with short rest periods. The idea is to help athletes build a tolerance to higher intensities as their season progresses. By incorporating these types of workouts into a training schedule bookended by rest, athletes will increase both power and endurance.

Cadence should fall in the 90rpm range or higher for all intervals.

10 minutes in heart rate Zone 2 (about 50% of your FTP)

2 x 30 seconds one leg spin (right leg)
2 x 30 seconds one leg spin (left leg)
1 minute spinning both legs between each interval

Main Set
4 x 7 minutes in Zone 4 lactate threshold (85-95% FTP)
2 minutes between each interval in Zone 1 (active recovery, 40% FTP)

8 minutes easy spin

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