XLAB Torpedo Versa 500- Carbon

$155, Jensonusa.com

The draw: Super versatile computer mount

XLAB makes several leaps forward from last year’s “Best in Class” winner, the Torpedo Kompact. The Versa 500 is easy to set up and mounts to the bars with a confidence-inspiring click. XLAB offers two different reservoir lids—one is permeable and ideal for on-course refills, while the other prioritizes a 100 percent splash-free ride with a solid door closure. The unique “dolphin tail” design cleverly tucks away the straw to the side of your dominant hand. What separates the Versa 500 from similar products is the telescoping computer mount, which accommodates Garmin bike computers and watches, as well as non-Garmin head units. It features near-infinite adjustability for dialing in your favorite location, height and tilt angle, whether you are in the garage or out on the open road and need a quick adjustment for dealing with sun glare.