2017 Triathlete Buyer’s Guide: Bikes

Dimond Brilliant Race Build
$9,000, Dimondbikes.com

The draw: Unique road feel, made in the U.S.

If the superbike revolution is going to be won by who can remove the most tubes, Dimond is the clear winner. This bike is based on the Zipp 2001 which debuted in 1992. Dimond founder and pro triathlete T.J. Tollakson raced the Zipp from 2010 to 2012, believing the beam bike is one of the fastest designs ever tested. So in 2012 he set out to bring it back. Designed and built in Des Moines, Iowa, Dimond takes the radical shape and adds an integrated fork and magnetic cover shielding the brakes. With no internal storage, water bottles need to be placed up front or on the downtube, and there are bolts for mounting an aftermarket storage container on the top tube. On the road, bobbing is not an issue, no matter how hard you try. The design does add a uniquely smooth ride—it’s neither dull nor unresponsive, just muted from the road vibrations. With so much material up front, steering is solid and predictable. If the Race Build featuring Ultegra Di2 and Profile Design wheels isn’t your thing, Dimond offers a consultation service to provide full customization, including paint.