Parlee TTiR


The draw: Disc brakes, custom paint

Parlee believes that a tri bike should handle and brake well in addition to going fast, so the TTiR is one of the few tri bikes that utilizes disc brakes. The mechanical disc brakes (hydraulics are coming around the end of the year) provide strong and predictable braking, and the thru axles add stiffness to make for crisp cornering and handling. To aid in the aero department, Parlee adds carbon fairings to shield the brake rotors. The ENVE 5.6 wheels continue the fight against the wind and are a solid everyday wheel that will serve you well on race day too. The large bottom bracket and oversize tubes create a solid platform for power transfer. At speed, the TTiR is eager for more, feeling stable and quick. The front end is a good mix of adjustability and integration, with a sleek two-piece cover, keeping it tidy. Different build kits to meet different needs and budgets range from $6,300 to $13,300. Parlee also offers custom paint options to make it your own, starting at $500.