Photo: Oliver Baker

AirCaddy K-9100 Compact


The draw: Simple and cheap
The most unique case on the market, the AirCaddy is a triangular, heavy-duty cardboard box specifically designed for bikes while conforming to all FedEx Ground shipping and TSA standards. Shipped to buyers as a flat box, the directions for assembly are clear and simple. From there, simply remove your saddle and front wheel and drop your bike in. A plate at the front secures a fork mount, which uses a standard skewer (thru axle adapters are available for $20) to secure your bike upright. Six nylon straps and cardboard inserts help to secure the frame and your front wheel. Your bars can remain intact but need to be rotated downward to fit. If your bars cannot rotate, as is the case with some integrated systems, you will likely need to remove them completely. With your bike in, there is plenty of room for other items. The catch is that the AirCaddy is good for only six to eight trips before it wears out. However, you can buy a replacement shell for $50 plus freight.

– Bike case reviews by Michael Hotten