Photo: Oliver Baker

Thule RoundTrip Traveler


The draw: Stows nicely

A big question with bike travel is what to do with that bulky piece of luggage once you get to your destination. Thule attempts to solve that dilemma with its Round Trip Traveler, a semi-soft shell case that collapses once unpacked. Two slip-in panels give the case structure. Remove them and the case pancakes for easy stowing. Pedals, wheels, seat, rear derailleur, bar and stem removal are required. We advise bubble wrapping the frame and fork since the case walls have minimal padding; however, a massive pad supports the bike under the bottom bracket. The fork attaches to a mount using quick-release or thru axle, so it’ll handle disc brake bikes. Four nylon straps cinch the bike in place, but we struggled to thread these through the anchor positions. There is plenty of room in the main compartment for helmet, shoes or wetsuit. Your wheels stow in lightly padded, external pockets. It’s light at 17 pounds, and that’s a good thing; it only has two wheels, so you’ll have to lift up on one end to get it rolling.