Photo: Oliver Baker

PRO Travel Case Mega


The draw: Padded in the right places

PRO has done it right with its removable base—you mount the frame and do most of the securing clear of the case itself. Dropouts attach to plastic anchors that can be slid fore and aft to fit different bike lengths. The rear anchor has a chain wrap so you can keep your rear derailleurs on. The rear and chain tensioner even accepted horizontal dropouts without much fuss. The padded handlebar hanger was another story: With the pad wrapped around the head, down and top tubes, we struggled to attach tri bars. Once secured, bike and base are placed in the semi-soft case with four straps wrapping around the base’s aluminum rails. We had to get on all fours to ensure everything was snug. We like the adjustable large pads that protect dropouts and the rear derailleur. Huge side pockets for wheels come with axle pads. Plenty of room for additional gear or spare wheels. Internal pockets stow pedals and tools. Nylon fabric keeps it light at 17 pounds. The four caster wheels roll nicely but make one-handed steering difficult.