10 Most Popular Recipes Of 2016

Sweet Potato Pizza Pie

Not only is this root veggie rich in vitamins and minerals, it tastes incredible with little preparation, stores well and is super affordable. Nutrient-rich comfort food? Yes, please. Get the recipe from chef Jessica Cerra here

Thai Chicken Meatballs

Ginger, chili sauce and coconut milk unite to create moist and flavorful Thai-inspired meatballs. Ground chicken is the perfect canvas, and is also a great and budget friendly source of lean protein. Try making a double batch to have on hand for the week, or store in the freezer a busier week. Get the recipe from chef Jessica Cerra here

Coconut Overnight Oats

Breakfast inspiration doesn’t have to be complicated. This nutritious recipe is simple, loaded with color and texture, and easy to make ahead of time. Get the recipe from chef Jessica Cerra here

Eggs 3 Ways

Try any or all of these delicious methods of cooking this breakfast staple. Get the recipes from Matt Fitzgerald here

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Looking for a large batch recipe that will provide meals for the week? Loaded with veggies in a thick, rich broth, this chicken tortilla soup has you covered. Serve with rice, sweet potatoes, or tortillas to load up for or recover from a big training session. Get the recipe from chef Jessica Cerra here

Peanut Butter and Berry Protein Oats

Soaking the oats removes the need to cook them, making this recipe a great option for transporting with you if you’re going to be away from the kitchen after exercise and you don’t want to delay refueling. Get the recipe from Matt Kadey here

Coconut Chia Pudding

Breakfast, snack or dessert, this coconut chia pudding delivers. Chia seeds create a smooth and creamy pudding, contain healthy amounts of fiber and expand in the stomach, leaving you feeling full and satisfied for hours. Fun, tropical toppings brighten up this dish—and possibly a cold winter day. Get the recipe from chef Jessica Cerra here

Moroccan Chicken

Load up on endurance athlete nutrient essentials Vitamin B, zinc, and iron with this dark meat chicken preparation*. Warm, spiced flavors marry together in a simple one-skillet meal. Easy enough for weeknight fare, yet creative enough for a dinner get-together. Serve up with garbanzo beans, potatoes, or couscous and the meal is complete. Get the recipe from chef Jessica Cerra here

Winter Chop Chop

Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration for your salad bowl. This salad is piled high with color, texture and nutrition, which will leave you feeling fueled and satisfied. Get the recipe from chef Jessica Cerra here

Healthy Chicken Pad Thai In 30 Minutes

This is a light dish that balances fresh ingredients with a hint of heat and a subtle sweetness. Once you learn the timing of the different components, it’s easy to make pad Thai at home in as little as 30 minutes. Get the recipe from chef Biju Thomas and Dr. Allen Li here

Looking for some inspiration for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Every week we feature recipes with the idea of helping you make healthy and delicious food on the way to your athletic performance goals. Here we’re sharing the most popular of the year.