11 Festive (Guilt-Free!) Treats

Natalie’s Pumpkin Apple Spice

($3 for 16 ounces, Orchidislandjuice.com)
Pumpkin juice? Yes! And it’s so much better than you’d think. This all-natural juice—made with apple juice and pureed pear and pumpkin—is flavored with seasonal spices (ginger, cinnamon, cloves) and is a delicious, clean, fruity beverage with no pumpkin “pulp” (it has a juice texture—not a smoothie). Freshly made in Florida at Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice company, it has 100 calories per serving, 28 grams of carbs and is rich in vitamin A.

EPIC Uncured Bacon Bites with Cocoa and Maple

($6.99, Epicprovisions.com)
These moist, savory-sweet bites are made with Fair Trade cacao nibs and heritage-breed Berkshire pork (no nitrates added). This unique combo of flavors is available for a limited time only, and it makes a clean, filling snack. Each serving contains 130 calories, 7 grams of protein and 5 grams of carbs.

KIND Limited Batch Flavors

($1.79, Kindsnacks.com)
For the first time, KIND is offering seasonal flavors—caramel almond pumpkin spice and dark chocolate hazelnut spice. Both whole-food bars are made from a variety of nuts—cashews, almonds, pecans. The pumpkin flavor is made with actual pumpkin plus autumnal spices such as cardamom and nutmeg. Each pumpkin bar has 200 calories, 4 grams of protein and is high in fiber and carbs.

Larabar Pumpkin Pie

($1.69, Larabar.com)
Somehow Larabar has come up with a wide variety of flavors using primarily fruits and nuts. Our favorite of the three seasonal flavors was pumpkin pie because it tastes the most like the real thing. The other two seasonal flavors are snickerdoodle, which tastes somewhat similar to the old-school cookie, and gingerbread, which is made with real ginger. The seasonal flavors feature dates, cashews and almonds as the first three ingredients, and the high-fiber, 190-calorie bars make a perfect (seasonal!) snack.

Perfect Bar Maple Almond Butter

($2.99, Perfectbar.com)
Oh-maple-gee, this is good. The makers of these nut butter- and honey-based bars just added the maple almond butter flavor, and we’re big fans. While it’s still sweetened with some honey, the whole-food bar is made with almond butter and maple syrup as the first two ingredients—giving it a creamy texture and toasty maple flavor—and zero preservatives (these bars are best kept in the fridge). Each 310-calorie bar contains 13 grams of protein, multiple superfoods (such as kale and flax seed), and 27 grams of carbs. It makes for a crave-worthy and filling snack or on-the-go breakfast.

Birch Benders Pancake Mix

($4.99, Birchbenders.com)
Just add water! You can have holiday-inspired in a jiffy thanks to these all-natural pancake and waffle mixes from Birch Benders. New for this year is the Sweet Potato flavor, which is made with real sweet potato plus brown sugar and vanilla and has a light, fluffy texture. There are a few other seasonally inspired flavors to choose from as well—pumpkin spice, gingerbread spice and double chocolate peppermint are all healthier ways to indulge your pancake cravings and get a dose of holiday spirit.

Munk Pack Maple Pear Quinoa

($2.49, Munkpack.com)
We love Munk Packs—convenient packaging, real food (we give them to our kids!) and great flavors. Now Munk Pack is embracing the season with a new maple flavor, which is made with maple syrup in addition to oatmeal, pear, apple, flax and quinoa, which produces an oatmeal-like consistency. It’s rich in carbs (20 grams) and fiber (3 grams), and contains only 90 calories per pouch—great fuel for rides, pre-run or as a healthy snack.

Brussel Bytes Chili Pumpkin Seed Crunch

($5.99, Brusselbytes.com)
Here’s a healthy way to get your savory food fix and one of your favorite fall veggies in one: Brussels sprouts in snack form! Similar to kale chips, these are made with both dried Brussels sprouts and kale, and the chili pumpkin seed flavor has a little kick from the cumin and chipotle spices. Each certified organic bag contains two servings, which only totals up to 280 calories if you find yourself eating the whole bag. Each serving contains 12 grams of carbs, 3 grams of fiber, 6 grams of protein, plus a big dose of both vitamins A and C.

Clif Hot Chocolate Bar

($1.79, Clifbar.com)
Each year, the holiday season means seasonal flavors of Clif Bar are back! This year, Clif brought back three favorites—hot chocolate, spiced pumpkin pie and iced gingerbread. The hot chocolate is made with organic rolled oats (like original Clif Bars) plus cocoa and soy white chocolate, flavors that pair perfectly with wintery weather. Each hot chocolate bar contains 250 calories, 43 grams of carbs and 10 grams of protein.

EPIC Bone Broth Bison Apple Cider

($6.99, Epicprovisions.com)
A seasonal twist on the popular bone broth trend, this limited edition flavor combines the gelatin-rich nutrients in pasture-raised bison bones with traditional apple cider. It has a mix of both savory ingredients (onions, celery) and sweet ones (orange peel, allspice, cloves), and while it’s ready to sip either hot or cold, we preferred it warmed up so it feels more soup-like. Per cup, you’ll get 80 calories, 10 grams of carbs, 8 grams of protein and 340 milligrams of sodium.

PopCorners Minis

($3.29 for 4.5-ounce bag, Ourlittlerebellion.com)
These bite-sized chips, made from non-GMO corn that’s been “popped,” are a pleasant little surprise. Available in two holiday flavors—Double-Up Fudge and Snickerdoodle Drizzle—they satisfy both our crunchy and our sweet craving. We loved the snickerdoodle flavor, which is basically a cinnamon-covered corn chip with a drizzle of frosting. In each 1-ounce serving are 130 calories, 20 grams of carbs (8 grams of sugar) and 1 gram of protein. Throw it in a bowl for a holiday party and impress your friends.

Embrace the holiday season with these 11 holiday-inspired flavors.