30-Minute Strength Session For Triathletes


20 reps
With feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, squat down, with the goal of getting butt below knees.


20 reps
Step forward with one leg until both your front and back leg are at 90-degree angles.


20 reps
Lower down to the ground, keeping body in a straight line. Modify on knees if needed.


20 reps
Find a box or sturdy object that is 6-to-12-inches in height. Step up with your right foot, and bring left foot up to match. Step back down and alternate starting leg for 20 total reps.


20 reps
Using a chair or a dip bar, lower yourself down using your triceps. Keep belly button up high at the finish.

Jumping Squats

10 reps
Squat down as normal, but add a slight jump at the top once legs are straight. Land softly back into another squat.

Test your limits with six rounds of this fast and furious session.

The perfect strength-training routine to take on the road is one that requires minimal equipment and time. This knock-it-out workout from San Diego’s Rehab United co-owner Bryan Hill packs a punch but doesn’t mandate a gym visit. Do six rounds with as little rest as possible between exercises and sets.