The Roundup: Upgrade Your Office Cubicle

Upgrade your cubicle to supercharge your workday.

Just because you’re a desk jockey 8–10 hours a day doesn’t mean your training has to suffer. A plethora of products focused on office fitness provides a means to stay moving on sedentary days. Consider the following three setups—ranging from easy to aspirational—and check out some of the latest office-oriented fitness tools.

Simple cubicle upgrade: For those looking to be more discrete, opt for products you can stash in your desk drawer. A grip trainer or hand therapy ball can increase hand and forearm strength during long phone meetings, and a set of resistance bands will come in handy for strength training throughout the day. Also, don’t overlook the power of “deskercises,” which require no equipment at all, like chair squats and desk dips. Seated leg raises and ankle-strengthening exercises are easy to do without anyone being the wiser to your workout. Consider swapping your desk chair for an exercise ball, which promotes core stability.

For the serious fitness fiend: Even a small investment can seriously up your office fitness game. This scenario might include an under-the-desk exercise bike or an elliptical trainer fit for a standing desk. A small set of hand weights is another option for boosting your productivity during lengthy conference calls.

Dream desk gym: The ideal fitness solution for your office involves a treadmill desk. These aren’t cheap, so with any luck, you may be able to convince your employer to invest in a few for the greater well-being of the office staff. In a perfect world, you may also have other gear at the ready to offer a complete workout throughout the work day. This might include a corner Zwift trainer setup, a set of dumbbells, and a TRX or band system.