Quick Look: SwimFast Ergometer

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Outside of pool time, dry land strength training can pay big dividends in your progression as an efficient and swift swimmer. A lot of athletes use a TRX-type system of straps and cords to develop swim-focused muscle strength. The SwimFast Ergometer takes dry land training to the next level. Intended to complement—not substitute—pool training, the swim bench rotates beneath the swimmer to allow for a more natural, optimal shoulder angle throughout the stroke phases. An optional console (the standard option at $1,980 plus shipping) lets you monitor useful metrics like distance, speed, stroke rate and power. The bench adjusts at numerous points to dial in the right fit, and available upgrades include a template to help train the stroke for better efficiency. Fully expanded, the ergometer takes up a little more space than a treadmill, but it collapses for compact storage.

$1,895 plus shipping (console and template extra), Kayakpro.com

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