12 Run Workouts For Global Running Day

4×10 Tempo Run

This workout comes from Marilyn Chychota, a former elite cyclist and triathlete turned coach for Endurance Corner. This tempo-focused run offers many of the adaptations of the “hard” zone without the prolonged recovery between sessions, she says. The tempo zone—which is at about 70–75 percent effort—is where you will take your first deep breath while running, and it should feel difficult to keep up conversation. Get the workout

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Downhill Running

This downhill running workout comes from Jonathan Cane of New York City-based City Coach Multisport. He finds that many athletes treat descents as a time to recover, both mentally and physically. “In fact, downhills can be a great way to make up time on the competition—remember, the awards are given at the finish line, not at the top of a hill,” Cane says. He warns that going into a downhill race unprepared can trash your already-tired quads and ultimately cost you more time than you’ll gain. Work on your downhill form by incorporating this workout into your run training. Get the workout

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Speed Burst Track Session

This run workout is from MP Multisport owner and coach Jon “Mace” Mason, who spends most Tuesday nights coaching age group and elite athletes at the Colorado State University track. He says this one-hour workout is one of his favorites to assess heart rate and how it responds to running a paced effort after a burst of speed with no recovery. “An important fitness indicator is if we can control our heart rate by bringing it down to a lower zone after a high-intensity session—while still maintain a higher performance,” he says. Get the workout

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“The 24” Track Session

This workout comes from John Heuisler (@racebetter), co-owner of Between the Lines Coaching in Baltimore. “I like this workout because it has both a speed and an endurance component while also training the athlete to run fast on tired legs,” Heuisler says. “It can also be easily tailored to the type of racing an athlete is competing in—short course or long—and where he or she is in their build cycle.” Get the workout

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Track Workout From A Top Age Grouper

This track workout comes from age grouper Kirsten Sass, who won five national titles in 2015, including the Olympic-distance title at the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final in Chicago. Sass works with coach Suzanne Atkinson and, in 2014, USA Triathlon named her Amateur Athlete of the Year. Read all about her training here. Here, we share her favorite track workout.

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2-2-1 Over-Unders Run

This run workout comes from USAT Level I coach Maria Simone of No Limits Endurance. “This session works a range of effort levels, from easy to threshold,” she says. “This serves a few purposes: It introduces some short threshold work to help athletes keep some top-end work in their schedule, while also teaching the body to recover from those efforts without stopping, which can aid with training the body for improved lactate clearance. The shorter intervals are especially helpful to keep a treadmill session interesting if you need to run indoors.” Get the workout

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Two-Minute Hill Repeats

This workout comes from coach Stephanie Liles of TriAttic in Tallahassee, Fla. “This hill workout helps build strength without taxing your body,” Liles says. “It’s amazing how strong your legs get doing hill repeats and you are not totally spent during it.” Get the workout

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Descending Race Pace Run

This workout comes from coach Nick Logan of Prime Endurance. “Here is a great stamina workout that will force you not only to be aware of your pacing, but also help you finish your races with a kick,” Logan says. Get the workout

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The 30-20-10 Run Workout

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark monitored two groups of runners over a seven-week period. One group continued their normal running and the other subscribed to a regular fartlek-style workout. After a short warm-up, this workout involved 30 seconds of jogging, 20 seconds of running at a regular training pace, and 10 seconds at an all-out sprint, four times in a row continuously. They followed that routine with a two-minute jog and then repeated the cycle two more times. After doing this three times a week for four weeks, they bumped up to completing the cycle four times for each of the remaining three weeks. While this group was doing more high-intensity running than they had done prior, they actually reduced their total weekly mileage by 50 percent. At the end of the seven-week training program they found that the group who was assigned the 30-20-10 workout improved VO2max, 1,500-meter and 5K times, and their blood pressure and cholesterol numbers, while the control group did not. Get the workout

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Run Pacing Lesson

This workout comes from Marilyn Chychota, a Tucson-based coach for Endurance Corner. It varies pace between a steady effort and moderately hard, and challenges you to both make a distinction between the two as well as to recover while going harder than your typical easy recovery pace.

“Moderate your fast running so that you are able to recover while running Steady, not easy,” she says. “Watch how your mind will tempt you to hammer once your heart rate rises—learn how to manage your pace.” Get the workout

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Killer Hill + Strength Workout

These hill repeats incorporate kettlebell swings that’ll get your hamstrings and glutes firing. It’s a short, fast-paced workout awesome for increasing flexibility and building core strength while also reaping the power-gaining benefits of hill running. USAT coach Jessica Herschberg says her athletes can barely make the 10 rounds. Get the workout

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Treadmill Hill Climbs

Three-time Mount Washington Road Race winner Eric Blake does many hill workouts on the treadmill to simulate the demanding inclines of the 7.6-mile all-uphill route. You don’t have to go quite as steep as the 10-12 percent grades he tries to replicate, but hitting some long hill repeats on the treadmill will keep you from getting bored and help build a solid foundation of strength to power. Get the workout

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Today (June 1) is Global Running Day! To celebrate, we’re sharing 12 of our favorite run workouts we’ve featured on Triathlete.com over the years.

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