We Tri’d It: Underwater Audio Swimbuds

It’s a common complaint among triathletes: Swimming lap after lap in silence can get tedious—quickly. Taking your favorite training tunes underwater can help combat black line-inspired boredom and inject some motivation into your workouts. With four different earbud styles in this set, you can easily dial in the most comfortable fit that gives the tightest waterproof seal. The sound quality was surprisingly impressive—not at all tinny or muted. The simple-to-operate iPod clips onto the goggle strap at the back of the head, and the headphone wires didn’t tangle or annoy over multiple workouts. These sturdy, versatile earbuds might be the only headphones you need for all your training.

Underwater Audio Swimbuds, $70

(Waterproof iPod sold separately for $125)

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