Diamondback Serios F

$7,500, Diamondback.com
The draw: A solid tri bike debut

Although Diamondback is often thought of as an older BMX brand, its new lineup of road and triathlon bikes has come a long way from the brand’s roots. In order to bring a superbike to the market that could compete with the top brands, Diamondback teamed up with the late aero guru Steve Hed on the design. This makes for a fast frame and nice component spec, featuring HED Corsair bars and HED Jet carbon clincher wheels. Not only did it feel fast, but according to Diamondback’s wind tunnel results, it’s on par with other superbikes such as the Trek Speed Concept. The Serios is also one of the stiffer bikes tested. Its 13/8-inch tapered fork (as compared to a traditional 11/8 inch) and a PF30 bottom bracket promote predictable handling and good acceleration.

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