Warm-Up Without Water: 4 Stretch Band Exercises

Gwen Jorgensen warms up before an ITU race. Photo: Delly Carr/Triathlon.org

Can’t get in the water before your event? Here’s your Plan B.

Not all races allow you to get in the water before the start, but you’re doing your body (and your swim) a disservice if you skip the warm-up entirely. To be prepared no matter what conditions dictate, add a stretch band to your bag for a simple but effective 10-minute routine.

Attach the center of the stretch cord at chest height (sometimes a strap is included) to a fence, tree or anything sturdy. Hold the handles or tie a knot in each end to prevent slipping. As you do these exercises, keep in mind that this is a light warm-up and it should not be strenuous. If there is too much resistance, move closer to the attachment point to increase your range of motion.

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