4 Tools For An Athlete-Friendly Office Space

Don’t let your 9-to-5 job undo this morning’s 7-miler.

You may joke about your job cutting into your training time, but the health effects of your desk job are no laughing matter. Most Americans spend the majority of their day on their keister: sitting at a desk, slouched over a steering wheel or zoning out on the couch. Athletes, surprisingly, are worse than the average “sedentary” American: A University of Texas at Austin study found runners sit an average of 10 hours per workday compared to non-runners’ eight-hour average.

Prolonged sitting can cause muscle tightness, poor mobility, back pain and muscle imbalances, undoing training gains and increasing an athlete’s risk of injury. Keep your tush (and your training log) happy at work by creating an athlete-friendly office space.

Garmin Vívofit

$130, Garmin.com

In addition to tracking miles during lunch-hour runs, a red “move” bar appears on this fitness tracker when the user has been seated for an hour or more.

Rebel Crank-Up 1000

$600, Rebeldesk.com

Easily switch from sitting to standing with this adjustable-height desk. Want to take your standing time to the next level? Add the treadmill ($700).

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

$80, Gaiam.com

If you must sit, choose a desk chair with a Swiss ball base, which will keep your core muscles engaged and reinforce good posture.

Thera-Band Stability Trainer

$30, Thera-band.com

Challenge yourself to complete certain tasks—telephone calls, for example—while doing single-leg stands on a foam block. Besides just getting you off your rear, the balance work will wake up your glutes and hamstrings.

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