2015 Triathlete Buyer’s Guide: Wheels

Mavic Cosmic CXR 60 T

$2,750 with tires, Mavic.com
The draw: Symbiotic wheel-and-tire pair

With a unique rubber bumper to smooth the transition between tire and wheel, CXR wheels have always been aerodynamic, durable, stable and responsive. However, the rolling resistance of the original integrated Yksion tires was on the higher end of the scale and hurt the overall performance of the wheel system. Thankfully, Mavic revamped its tires. The new integrated Yksion tubular tire that comes on the CXR is grippier and has notably improved rolling resistance. While the weight of the CXR 60 is a bit heavier than some tubular wheels, the Cosmic CXR 60 T is versatile and fast.

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