2014 Triathlete Buyer’s Guide: Aerobars

Photo: John David Becker

Enve SES Aerobar

$1,365, Envecomposites.com
The draw: Elegant shape-shifter

Great arm pad adjustability and an innovative one-bar-fits-all extension are the hallmarks of the first aerobar from this Utah-based carbon parts manufacturer. It can accommodate tall positions, and is sleekest when slammed for a lower fit. The extensions can be cut to achieve the desired shape—straight, up-turned or S-bend—and length. (This can be a bit complicated, so measure twice before cutting.) Grip ergonomics is the only notable drawback to this bar. Even with the armrests in the widest setting, they are positioned nearly on top of the extensions, which some testers found uncomfortable on the wrists and shoulders.