2013 Triathlete Buyer’s Guide: Bike Hydration Systems

Torhans Aero 30 and Aero Mount

$55, Torhans.com
The draw: Easiest access to fluids

Drinking from this bottle is quick and easy thanks to the straw’s positioning just below the rider’s mouth. Torhans’ objective was to create a more aerodynamic front bottle, and the Aero 20 is far more streamlined than many competing options. It was outperformed, however, by a horizontal bottle mounted to the aerobars in a recent wind tunnel test conducted by the editors of Triathlete. With the solid Aero Mount bracket, the Aero 20 bottle sits nearly still between the aerobar extensions. The bottle has two notches so it can be positioned higher or lower depending on rider position. Despite the improved refillable lid, the bottle splashes a bit when riding over rough roads.

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