2013 Triathlete Buyer’s Guide: Bike Hydration Systems

Xlab Carbon Wing

$140, Xlab-usa.com
The draw: Lightweight, drag- dodging design

Hydration mounts don’t get any lighter (55 grams!) than this all-carbon base for bottle cages and more. Tested with a pair of Xlab’s Gorilla cages (also carbon), this system tucks behind the saddle in an aerodynamically optimal position. After just a couple of rides and a little practice, retrieving and replacing the water bottles felt second nature. Multiple holes on the wing allow each rider to find the bottle angle that’s most comfortable. The bottles stayed firmly in place over bumpy terrain, and a few quick turns of a 4mm Allen wrench
is all it takes to re-secure the system after multiple rides. The Carbon Wing was thoughtfully designed to accommodate other Xlab accessories that allow you to efficiently carry CO2 cartridges, tubes and tools.

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