2013 Triathlete Buyer’s Guide: Bike Hydration Systems

Speedfil Standard Hydration System

$100, Invisciddesign.com
The draw: Hands-free drinking

Half the battle in long-course racing is figuring out how to efficiently carry all of your fluids on your bike. The Speedfil Hydration System holds 40 ounces of liquid, which eliminates the need for a cluster of bottles on every inch of your frame, and it’s as easy to install as a regular bottle cage. After you get used to the straw—which you can cut to your ideal length—it’s a non-disruptive (and ideally hands-free) way to drink. During a race, you can refill the bottle through the top of the container, which proved to be simple enough with a little practice. The only time splashing was an issue was when the fluid was low and testers were climbing out of the saddle.

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