2013 Triathlete Buyer’s Guide: Aero Wheels

The 2013 Triathlete Buyer’s Guide magazine is out on newsstands now (and check out the digital version), and we’re giving you a sneak peek right here. Check out the complete aero wheel section from the guide below and check back to Triathlete.com for more Buyer’s Guide content.

American Classic Carbon TT Disc

$1,400, Amclassic.com
The draw: A standout on smooth courses

Nothing says a bike is ready to race like a disc, and American Classic’s Carbon TT Disc is more than a flat sheet of foam wrapped in carbon. It has a lenticular shape, meaning it slopes from the narrowest point at the brake track to its widest point at the hub. Although another aero wheel maker abandoned this shape for another, this competing company insisted the lenticular shape is aerodynamically superior to a flat disc. Ride is typical of a foam-core disc—it’s rougher than a spoked wheel, but the tubular tire helps quiet the vibration.

Photos: Gear From The Eurobike Trade Show Floor