2012 Triathlete Buyer’s Guide: Wetsuits

Neosport Finishline Fullsuit $295

The Finishline has a new and unique liner style called Micro Plus. This blue layer inside the wetsuit feels like a plush oriental rug against the body. It’s a brilliant concept in skin comfort, but imperfect for the rigors of T1. The material is more fragile than some liners, but finely sewn stitching keeps the high-stress areas intact. Neosport’s collars are superb. The Finishline doesn’t chafe or allow a drop of water into the suit. The neoprene is 5mm thick at the calf and blends into 3mm-thick arms. The thick neoprene in the upper body makes the Finishline ideal for swimmers with a propulsive kick or good body position in the water. Neosportusa.com