Pro Transition Tricks: Save Seconds By Setting Your Bike Like A Pro

Rest your glasses and helmet on your aerobars

Rollison rests her aerohelmet upside down between an aerobar extension and a brake grip with the tail pointing away from the bike with her sunglasses stuck in the helmet’s front vent. The glasses are oriented right side up. In transition, she grabs her glasses and puts them on rather than leaving them stuck in the helmet then putting them on while rolling. Positioning the helmet upside down on the aerobar puts it at the perfect height to grab in T1.

Do it yourself: Show Rollison how it’s done and rack your helmet with the tail pointing toward the back of the bike rather than the front. That way, you can grab it and flip it straight on your head while using your feet to wiggle out of your wetsuit. If you don’t have anything between your aerobars, set your helmet upside down between the extensions. Otherwise, place it between an extension and brake grip. Leave your glasses either in an accessible location to put them on in transition or, if you like to live dangerously, firmly stick them in a vent and put them on while riding away from T1.

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