Cervélo Unveils The P5

Time Trial Vs. Triathlon Versions

Instead of making both a time trial bike and a triathlon bike with different geometries and tube shapes, Cervélo created a fork specifically for each sport and used the same frame. Both bikes fit identically. The triathlon version has a fairing that covers the hydraulic brake caliper and deeper fork blades. Cervélo showed data from a wind tunnel test comparing the drag created with and without the cover over the caliper. Using a dummy aboard the bike for the test, Cervélo found that the cover saves 7 grams, which equates to roughly one watt. Rinard says the triathlon fork with deeper blades saves an additional 10 grams of drag over the road version. So, all told, Rinard says the drag differences between the two versions amount to roughly two watts, a very small difference.