Cervélo Unveils The P5

Accessory And Storage Integration

The only completely integrated storage container on the P5 is a small box hidden in the seat tube in the rear wheel cutout. Originally designed for a Di2 battery, it can also hold flat repair or other any other small items if the bike is built with a cable drivetrain. In addition to this box, the aerobar has threads to mount a standard bottle cage positioned between the arms. Cervélo has maintained for years that a bottle placed horizontally between the arms is the most aerodynamic location, so they decided to make this bottle position a standard feature. The bottle mount is perfectly solid—it doesn’t rattle in the slightest. The bottle is extremely easy to reach. We loved this simple yet effective feature. The down tube also has a mount for a bottle cage, and that’s the extent of the storage options provided by Cervélo.

Although other top-shelf bikes offer more storage or integrated hydration, Cervélo decided to leave the creation of accessories to the hydration companies. The company built solid mounts into the frame to help blend the frame and accessories. They gave X-Lab, TorHans, Dark Speed Works and others an early look at the bike’s unusually positioned bolt mounts so these specialized companies could design products for the P5. Two mounting bolts behind the head tube, one additional bolt beneath the down tube mounts and a seat post mount create a wide range of opportunities for integrated hydration. Dark Speed Works has produced a bento box-style storage container called the Speedpack 480D that mounts behind the stem that is currently available. Some other accessories are already on the way, but they aren’t ready yet. The bike will receive an incomplete grade in this category until those parts have come to market.